What's New?

Adaptation Fund 2013- 2014


NS Environment is now calling for proposals for the 2013-2014  Climate Change Adaptation Fund. Click here for the fund description and application form.

Conference 'Climate Change: Getting Ready'


Results of the Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions (ACAS) program in Nova Scotia will be presented and discussed in Halifax, March 5-6, 2012.

Adaptation Custom Guides

Below is a list of the many different published guides intended to help users through the process of conducting an impact assessment, an adaptation assessment or both.  The guides are organized according to their target audience, subject matter and/or their adaptation approach.  This is by no means a complete list of all guidebooks on climate adaptation.  We encourage you, the user, to contact us about other guides that you find useful and would like profiled.

Adaptation Assessment

Business Assessments

Coastal Assessments

  • StormSmart Coasts A program from Massachusetts designed to help coastal communities address the challenges arising from storms, floods, sea level rise, and climate change, and provides a menu of tools for successful coastal floodplain management.

Community Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Developers Assessments

Infrastructure Assessments

  • Infrastructure Climate Risk Protocol.  Guides designers, owners and operators through an assessment of the impact of climate change on infrastructure to help include adaptation in its design, management, and decommissioning (PIEVC).

Resilience Assessments

Risk-based Assessments

  • Risk Framework Is a step-by-step decision-making framework to help you judge the significance of your climate change risk compared to the other risks you face, so you can work out what adaptation measures are most appropriate (UK Climate Impacts Programme).
  • Adaptation Wizard Is a risk-based impact and adpatation assessment framework.  It determines your vulnerability to climate change, identifies your key climate risks, and helps you to develop a climate change adaptation strategy (UK Climate Impacts Program).